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Maes, Ltd.

Vision, Mission, and Value Statements

Vision Statement

The legal profession has been slow to catch up with information technology (IT), even though it impacts nearly every aspect of modern day life.  Most attorneys do not have experience with IT or the technical training required to provide competent representation for most cyber law matters. Maes, Ltd. was founded to fill this void and bridge the gap between IT and law. Legal matters involving data privacy and cybersecurity should not be a barrier to effective legal representation. With Maes, Ltd., Denver, Colorado, businesses have access to an experienced attorney that knows IT.

Mission Statement

Provide businesses in the Greater Denver Area competent cyber law representation from an attorney that is both an experienced litigator and a certified IT engineer.

Value Statements

The Golden Rule: treating others the way one wants to be treated is the guiding principle of Maes, Ltd.  

Knowledge is Power: retaining and obtaining advanced IT certifications validates ongoing technological expertise.  

Zealous Advocacy: from day one, clients of Maes, Ltd. will know that their legal issue is of utmost importance and a top priority.