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Maes, Ltd. Overview

Cyber Law Services from an Attorney that Knows IT

Maes, Ltd. is a cyber law office dedicated to data privacy and cybersecurity for businesses in the Greater Denver Area.  Cyber law refers to the laws, rules, regulations, and case law that dictate how businesses and consumers may and may not use the Internet.  Since the Internet is a ubiquitous term that encompasses many information technology (IT) concepts like cloud computing, cybersecurity, and networking, attorneys that practice cyber law should be proficient with many IT disciplines.

The founder of Maes, Ltd., Chris Maes, is an experienced attorney with over a decade of experience with IT and telecommunications.  Additionally, Chris possesses industry leading certifications demonstrating his engineering expertise with network, cloud, and cybersecurity technologies.  In short, Chris’ unique background and experience enables him to bridge the gap between IT and law.

Currently, Maes, Ltd. is focusing on the following practice areas of cyber law.  Click on each link for more information:

If you are seeking cyber law legal representation in the Greater Denver Area, work with an attorney that knows IT and contact the Cyber Law Office of Maes, Ltd. today.