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Data Breach Response

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When a business’ confidential data has been hacked, compromised, or destroyed, a swift data breach response is required.  Time is of the essence to stop the attack, preserve evidence, comply with data breach notification laws, and formulate a legal plan to limit liability.  If your business is located in the Greater Denver Area, the Cyber Law Office of Maes, Ltd. is here to help. 


Even with the best security defenses in place, data breaches can still occur.  Regardless of whether the breach stems from a zero day exploit with an attack that has never been seen before, or a social engineering tactic that causes an employee to carelessly open a ransomware email attachment, the result is the same.  Security has been compromised and confidential data has either been stolen, improperly viewed, or encrypted with an irretrievable encryption key.  How a business chooses to respond to a security incident can mean the difference between the survival or failure of the business.

Consider two businesses that have been the targets of the same type of attack, Company A and Company B.  After the attack, Company A executives fear the fallout the news of the breach would have on their stock price and decide to bury it.  Months later, after the executives assumed the data breach was behind them, their customers’ confidential data ends up on the dark web.  After an investigation, it is revealed that the customer data belonged to Company A, that Company A’s executives knew about the breach, and that they tried to conceal it.   Summarily, class action lawsuits are filed, regulators impose crippling fines, and Company A’s customer base runs for the hills.  Soon after, Company A files for bankruptcy and is subsequently dissolved.

Contrarily, even though Company B’s executives know that news of the breach is going to be bad for business, they decide to be strategically transparent.  Once the breach is contained, snapshots are immediately taken of the affected servers to preserve data, relevant law enforcement authorities are engaged, notifications required by law are sent to customers whose data was compromised, and the security failures associated with the breach are remediated.  As suspected, news of the breach causes Company B’s stock price to fall and a sizeable amount of Company B’s customer base is lost.  However, these negatives occurrences are short-lived.  Company B launches an effective marketing campaign touting the company’s new and improved security measures, and the cybercriminals that targeted Company B are successfully prosecuted and jailed.  Customer trust is restored and business goes back to normal.

Although these illustrations are greatly simplified, if given the choice between Company A and Company B’s actions after a security breach, the correct path is clear.

Retain Maes, Ltd. for your Business’ Data Breach Response

Once a data breach is identified, retaining legal counsel that understands the legal action items that must occur immediately is crucial.  Attorney Chris Maes is able to rise to the occasion in this regard.  Chris has the legal training to help businesses understand which privacy laws are the basis of the data breach notification requirements that must be followed.

Additionally, Chris is an information technology (IT) engineer with numerous advanced certifications including, but not limited to, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Security Specialty and Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) Routing and Switching.  After an attack, the clock is ticking and businesses need to work with someone that can bridge the gap between IT and the law.  This is especially important for businesses that want to seek damages against cybercriminals, since for evidence to be admissible in court, it must be properly preserved.

If your business is located in the Greater Denver Area and you are seeking effective legal representation to address an ongoing data breach, or need guidance concerning how to respond, contact the Cyber Law Office of Maes, Ltd.  You can schedule a consultation today by calling (720) 248-8252 or by using the form below.

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